1. Ana Clara Fernandes Da Silva

    Ana Clara Fernandes Da Silva

    Hour ago


  2. Drshaveta Bharti

    Drshaveta Bharti

    3 hours ago


  3. (つ✧ω✧)つ


    5 hours ago

    God save us

  4. Susan Estrellado

    Susan Estrellado

    7 hours ago

    Wow Justin's shirt is so cool

  5. Alu Aan

    Alu Aan

    7 hours ago

    Haha kepedesan

  6. navas Abdulla

    navas Abdulla

    7 hours ago

    Hahahahaha i like it

  7. Mahveen Rumman

    Mahveen Rumman

    8 hours ago

    Smart or cringe

  8. Vinoth Kannan

    Vinoth Kannan

    8 hours ago

    So smart

  9. Dattatray Gurav

    Dattatray Gurav

    8 hours ago

    "If idiots were idiots" No one can do anything to help them Because they are idiots

    • वसुधा गुर्जर

      वसुधा गुर्जर

      4 hours ago


  10. Aaliya 💜💜

    Aaliya 💜💜

    12 hours ago

    Bhol da

  11. Dilek Kaya

    Dilek Kaya

    14 hours ago


  12. Fidel Casafranca

    Fidel Casafranca

    16 hours ago

    Sean algo más creativo hacen cosas algo absurdos



    16 hours ago

    Wah wah wah... Smartness ke naam pe kuch bhi😕😲 For Indian viewers only☺

  14. selvi selvi

    selvi selvi

    16 hours ago

    எனது கை வழியில சரி ஆயிடுச்சா



    20 hours ago

    I love to eat hot sauce

  16. Ashleigh Voelker

    Ashleigh Voelker

    20 hours ago

    I want more of these videos Make more please 😜🙂😊 I love them

  17. Carmen Esquivel

    Carmen Esquivel

    21 hour ago




    22 hours ago


  19. SALAH AL DEEN 007 SaPles

    SALAH AL DEEN 007 SaPles

    22 hours ago

    يا كدب يا مقلد

  20. Ssam


    23 hours ago


  21. Jan4ik Jan4ik

    Jan4ik Jan4ik

    23 hours ago

    ВЫВОРАЧИВАЕТ 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡💩💩💩💩💩💩🖐✋🖖👌🤌🤏👋🤚🤟🤘🤙👈👉👆🖕👇☝👍👎✊👊🤛🤜👏🙌👐🤲🤝💪

  22. Emaan Majid

    Emaan Majid

    Day ago

    Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  23. سجاد خالد

    سجاد خالد

    Day ago


  24. Tryphine Mtombeni

    Tryphine Mtombeni

    Day ago

    I have seen this type of video before



    Day ago

    So funny and smart also 🤣

  26. Lynn Antoun

    Lynn Antoun

    Day ago


  27. Eloá cachinhos

    Eloá cachinhos

    Day ago


  28. Mayjean Plaza

    Mayjean Plaza

    Day ago

    what thet 😹🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💩💩😹🙉

  29. 24 Nivetha G. R

    24 Nivetha G. R

    Day ago

    Instead of putting hot sauce he can eat that 🍕🍕🍕

  30. Sunil Dutt Sharma

    Sunil Dutt Sharma

    Day ago

    I am indian

  31. Vinod Kumar

    Vinod Kumar

    Day ago

    Sos te vich rhgi aa te app side toh kha gya😂😂😂😂😂😂 Punjbi

  32. beautiful flowers

    beautiful flowers

    Day ago

    I like how justin wearing burger T-shirt 🍔

  33. ZANE JULIAN Pagaduan

    ZANE JULIAN Pagaduan

    Day ago


  34. Kassidy Marie

    Kassidy Marie

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  35. Marissa Urbano

    Marissa Urbano

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  36. Jaxon Stevens

    Jaxon Stevens

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  37. 무야


    Day ago

    끝부분은 안뿌렸는데?

  38. Olvera Family

    Olvera Family

    Day ago

    Why why did he even do that he just ate the ate the right side but he thinks he ate the hot sauce

  39. Merriam Codera

    Merriam Codera

    Day ago


  40. Bud


    Day ago

    This gave me cancer

  41. nony Giming

    nony Giming

    Day ago


  42. Yeyey Yeye

    Yeyey Yeye

    Day ago

    I like how he gets mad at him for eating a egg 🗿

    • Inferno The Flareon

      Inferno The Flareon

      Day ago

      thats a pizza

  43. Hilver Morales

    Hilver Morales

    Day ago


  44. Saghir Rao

    Saghir Rao

    2 days ago


    • Saghir Rao

      Saghir Rao

      2 days ago


  45. Arnav The Superhero wildcraft

    Arnav The Superhero wildcraft

    2 days ago


  46. Queen JJ

    Queen JJ

    2 days ago


  47. lemon juice skateboards

    lemon juice skateboards

    2 days ago

    oh ahahha ah aha hah that was funny

  48. Zulhairy Ezani

    Zulhairy Ezani

    2 days ago

    Hahaha why their so funny (me watching tv and not watch them)

  49. Pavan Vankadara

    Pavan Vankadara

    2 days ago


  50. Albania UK

    Albania UK

    2 days ago


  51. Ellie Heng

    Ellie Heng

    2 days ago


  52. Den Con

    Den Con

    2 days ago


  53. sophie and caleb

    sophie and caleb

    2 days ago

    Bruh he did not even eat the part with the hot sauce😅😅😅😅😅

  54. Miguel Mondragón saucedo

    Miguel Mondragón saucedo

    2 days ago


  55. Evelin Hernandez

    Evelin Hernandez

    2 days ago

    Adem in the background be like: 👀

  56. Tamesha Lane

    Tamesha Lane

    2 days ago

    He didn't even eat the hot sauce 😆

  57. yen truong

    yen truong

    2 days ago

    Bruh I saw under before the even show that

  58. Martin Ssnchez

    Martin Ssnchez

    3 days ago

    Stop copeying people

    • Paro Pro

      Paro Pro

      2 days ago

      Ya lankybox is literally for fucking kids

  59. Tanya Carron

    Tanya Carron

    3 days ago

    ADAM QAS LOOKING but it was funny XD

  60. Hybridcat6


    3 days ago

    Bad acting

  61. Norhasyima Abd Halim

    Norhasyima Abd Halim

    3 days ago


  62. Maria Orliva

    Maria Orliva

    3 days ago


  63. zharif osaman

    zharif osaman

    3 days ago

    Adam SMART!

  64. ni ling

    ni ling

    3 days ago

    The noodles r good tho

  65. Jacky J Games

    Jacky J Games

    3 days ago

    Bad Adam boy

  66. ?!ŠîŁéńt_thūńdêr?!


    3 days ago

    Pleasa Not Funneh Ok

  67. Kizelyn Lagunay

    Kizelyn Lagunay

    3 days ago


    • Brixxi Nicole

      Brixxi Nicole

      3 days ago

      This isn’t funny it’s just stupid

  68. Dhiya Syafeera

    Dhiya Syafeera

    3 days ago

    Everyone talk about justin did not even eat the partvof the hot souce but me talking abiut the end justin wound like mickey mouse 😂😂

  69. 寓雁莊


    3 days ago


  70. 寓雁莊


    3 days ago


  71. 寓雁莊


    3 days ago


  72. Poggers pog cheese Pog

    Poggers pog cheese Pog

    3 days ago

    I have lost hope in this world from this video

  73. Natalie and foxy's  Channel and friends

    Natalie and foxy's Channel and friends

    3 days ago

    Adam I am calling your mom and police

    • Natalie and foxy's  Channel and friends

      Natalie and foxy's Channel and friends

      3 days ago

      Adam needs some milk hahah 😆

  74. Corjanique James

    Corjanique James

    3 days ago

    Adamd is bad at english

  75. 🌋Volcano blast🌋

    🌋Volcano blast🌋

    3 days ago

    If I were Justin : is the taste of buffulo wild wings stuck to my mouth.... *BEST DAY EVEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

  76. Holly Haynes

    Holly Haynes

    3 days ago

    Smart adam

  77. Sandra Palacios

    Sandra Palacios

    3 days ago

    He didn't even bite the hot sauce

  78. saf shorts

    saf shorts

    3 days ago

    200 IQ

  79. Elizabeth martinez

    Elizabeth martinez

    4 days ago

    He did not Even took the bite where the spicy thing was

  80. Lourdes Samper Lourdes

    Lourdes Samper Lourdes

    4 days ago

    Hahaha yeah so smart😂😂😂😂😂

  81. Angel Bhaskar

    Angel Bhaskar

    4 days ago

    Over react

    • Brixxi Nicole

      Brixxi Nicole

      3 days ago

      No shit Sherlock

  82. puppys and Dorina

    puppys and Dorina

    4 days ago

    Bad Adem

  83. Melly_gacha


    4 days ago

    "SMART" the hot sauce smartest to be there

  84. Flamfy


    4 days ago

    When the sauce is so obvious and justin didnt even bite the part with sauce:

    • Luiz Gedolin

      Luiz Gedolin

      2 days ago

      Ah é preso na minha vida entao decidi que é ja deu a bênção do Sérgio em americana cidade jardim trafico de drogas cidade jardim em americana cidade jardim ontem q n quero em cômoda ninguém que é ja deu a bênção do Sérgio Cabral não atendeu é pq ta bem melhor para crianças e adolescentes e jovens e a vó

    • Luiz Gedolin

      Luiz Gedolin

      2 days ago


  85. Rippley and Drago

    Rippley and Drago

    4 days ago

    These guys act like children and make really stupid videos and shorts

  86. bomba


    4 days ago


  87. KDarky Orange

    KDarky Orange

    4 days ago

    Why are they filming while they eat a normal meal?

    • Flamfy


      4 days ago

      Its roleplay

  88. عمر ابراهيم

    عمر ابراهيم

    4 days ago


  89. April Ann

    April Ann

    4 days ago


  90. Rafaela Melo

    Rafaela Melo

    4 days ago


    • Brixxi Nicole

      Brixxi Nicole

      3 days ago

      Basically I’m on your side

    • Brixxi Nicole

      Brixxi Nicole

      3 days ago

      I usually get annoyed when people use ONLY emojis in their comments but this video is so stupid that it just deserves a big thumbs down 👎

  91. Santiago Campos

    Santiago Campos

    4 days ago

    Povle the

  92. Jonathan duran

    Jonathan duran

    4 days ago

    I saw foxy in the back

  93. TreeFallen _

    TreeFallen _

    5 days ago

    I came here for people roasting lankybox, all I got was people saying how good the channel is. I’m impressed, the new generation is doing well.

  94. ☕︎sunnyskys☕︎


    5 days ago

    Wait he didn't even bite the part where the hot sauce is 😂

    • Ana Katherine Cornelio Burgos

      Ana Katherine Cornelio Burgos

      3 days ago


  95. 50K Subs Pls 🥺

    50K Subs Pls 🥺

    5 days ago

    Why was Justin thinking of that he shouldn't eat that first then the pizza

    • 50K Subs Pls 🥺

      50K Subs Pls 🥺

      5 days ago

      Should I mean

  96. Surya Santhosh

    Surya Santhosh

    5 days ago

    Tf is this

  97. Isa Costa

    Isa Costa

    5 days ago